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MTS Assist is introduced to help new and existing MSBs operate effectively in the realm of the Remittance industry. For MSBs to succeed it is vital to take results-driven actions for money transfer licenses, secure financial services, conducting internal audits, obtaining legal services, technological services, hosting services, and merchant services. MTS Assist ensures you are on the right track towards your desired goal . With over 20 years of Remittance industry experience, our experts will help you navigate, innovate, and overcome a variety of challenges associated with your MSB market. Let us help you, schedule a complementary consultation with us.

Money Transfer License:

Obtaining the proper license is the first step towards a sturdy foundation for your Money Service Business (MSB). For over 20 years, one of our core values here at White Wings is to build a rock-solid foundation for MSBs. A strong foundation is the base of starting your Money Service Business. Here at White Wings we have helped new & existing MSBs, around the globe, obtain Money Transfer License and we will be delighted to help you.

Financial Services:

Now that you’ve obtained your Money Transfer License, you will need to complete the second step for your sturdy foundation, a remittance bank account to receive and make payments. Obtaining a bank account is relatively difficult due to recent banking crisis. In addition, reliable accounting services play pivotal role in your MSB success. Here at White Wings we would be more than happy to assist you to obtain a remittance bank account and share our accounting knowledge for maximum growth for your MSB. Our footprints of over 20 year in the MSBs industry space will help achieve your goals.

Internal Audits:

Audits are critical in maintaining your environment up to compliance standards. The internal audits through our resources ultimately prep your MSB environment for a mandatory external audit that is conducted by the banking department. Your environment, systems, business policies, and day to day operations must be in unison with the banking standard to avoid penalties or worst yet, MSB shutdown. With our 20+ years of market experience you can relax and be assured that your audits will be extremely smooth or as smooth as Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

Legal Services:

It is extremely important to understand the legal aspects of opening & running your Money Service Business. It is also imperative to set forth the right legal provisions for your Money Service Business. As you now that the banking rules and regulations may vary from state to state and are updated it is vital to fall back on a reliable consultancy source that will guide you through a proper legal path. For over 20 years helping MSBs, we are confident in our capability to help you with Legal Services through our experts.

Technological Services:

Utilizing the right technology platform that delivers a turn-key solution is vital for your MSB’s convenience and hassle-free operations. Whether you are looking to deploy our off the shelf MTS product and require assistance in developing a custom applications, we have the expertise and the man power to deliver any type of project. In addition, our team of qualified engineers & industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the MSB domain, will be delighted to walk you through the backend logistics of an effective technology platform.

Hosting Services:

Hosting, developing, and deploying your custom MTS over the cloud with dedicated licenses is one of our forte. We are currently DAT, HIPAA, SSAE16, PCI compliant with multiple reliable data centers and multiple disaster recovery sites and solutions. Through the last 20 years we have built, maintained, customized, and consulted with new and existing MSBs for effective hosting services. It is extremely important for us to ensure that your MSB is up 100% and live 24/7/365.

Merchant Services:

In order to increase your revenue many MSBs nowadays rely on Direct to Consumer (DTC) services. Obtaining your merchant account is imperative for credit card, debit card, checks, and cash processing. White Wings MTS online platform and mobile technology with merchant services enables MSBs to process web based transactions. The merchant account allows you to send funds to, release funds to, and receive funds from, your valued customers. In addition, we also help you scale your business for long-term success with our 20+ year of industry knowledge and resources. Our success lies in your Money Service Business success.